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tip toeing in…Italy summer retreats

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…good morning Yogis and welcome to Yogaville. My name is Federica, I live in Brooklyn where I teach Yoga and I work as a freelance photographer for several magazine both in English and Italian.

Cala Grande, Porto Santo Stefano, Tuscany

I am a 28 years old Italian who has immigrated in the United States 10 years ago, but who has never lost her love for her home country and likes to go back  & teach Yoga in Italy quite often.So, this year I have decided to join the Italian Yoga world providing my own Yoga Retreats Series in 3 of my favorite places of all time.  This is how Yogaville began: The retreat series will start on the spring of 2012 ant its 3 main stops will be:  The Brunisola Yoga Retreat , in Porto Santo Stefano on the costal side of Tuscany  and Monaciano Yoga Retreat  in the country side of Tuscany.

How is my workshop series different from the other ones you see online?

Imagine waking-up to the smell of  freshly grown rosemary, basil and parsley and to the sound of summer crickets, not to mention the quite surrounding of a beach or country house in the land of history, food and wine. Imagine doing your first morning meditation and Sun Salutation either on a big terrace overlooking the Mediterranean sea or on the green grass of a resort in the middle of the Tuscan Hills or in the Marche region where all you will be able to hear will be my voice, your own breath and few more students practicing along side you.

Imagine freshly made coffee, Italian peaches and other fresh fruits and croissants for breakfast. Imagine daily beach immersion, biking, hiking, or cultural trips to the nearest town (Porto Santo Stefano, Siena, Ascoli Piceno, San Benedetto…etc, depending on which workshop series you choose). Imagine the Yoga readings and Dharma teachings done under the shade of a pear tree. Imagine night barbecuing or outdoor dining in the town’s Sagre *(summer outing of regional hand-made food that varies depending on the Italian region your are in). Imagine a deep tissue or a thai massage at the end of it all before you melt in your bed.

Vineyards in Tuscany

Here is what I offer you. Why? Because teaching Yoga is what gives me the most peaceful feeling in the whole world. Nothing else is more rewarding than helping others discovering that life does not need to be so demanding and stressful all the time. I have learned it the hard way myself *(with panic attacks and depression), but Yoga taught me how to deal with it and I want to share my learnings with as many people as I can in my mortal life.

You have probably heard it all before: I will teach you this and that. You will know yourself better. You will feel the ‘yoga high.’ This workshop will change your life. You will never be the same again. The truth is that what Yoga does or does not do for you cannot be described in words. You have to experience the asana, the meditation, the respect of the Yogic principles (Yamas and Nyamas) to understand why living a Yogic life is a life-changing choice and not just daily exercise. With Yoga you get to know yourself to a deeper level and you learn how to go against your fears and overcome them.

Doing such self-search alongside the Tuscan beach or hill-top in Italy  maybe a more adventurous and more enjoyable experience than doing it in a Yoga room. Yes, of course, a bit less economical as well, but worth every penny.

Following a Yogic life is no easy task. Everything must happen gradually and you must have patience with yourself because the self-discovery takes time, patience and dedication. In this workshop I will share with you what brought me to Yoga and what has kept me on my mat for the past 7 years.

Sunset in Tuscany

I will provide you with the tools to enter the gate of self-knowledge and I will bid you enter them, but ultimately it’s your choice how and when you will do so. As clique’ as all of this may sound, my experience with Yoga has always gone beyond the breathing exercise and poses, once you learn to respect the principles of non-violence, respect for yourself, truthfulness and honesty with everyone that crosses your path and non-attachment to material goods, you free yourself and find peace at every step along the way.

The Yoga life challenges me to be a better version of myself: The Asana keeps me in flexible shape, meditation and chakra balance, helps me control my thinking and the respect of the Yamas and the Nyamas allows me to gain awareness of my true self (that drop of God inside oneself called soul) and this way I can share my knowledge with the rest of my students. Quite the perfect combination!

If you come to this retreat series, I will teach you that happiness is already hidden inside yourself; you just need to unleash it by dropping the struggle of being someone else. With Yoga asana, meditation practice and Dharma teachings I will help you reach truthfulness for yourself and consequently bring that same desire to be truthful with your words and your actions off your Yoga mat to every other human being that you will encounter on your path.

In this workshop I will speak from experience, and by the end of it, you too will be speaking loud and clear!

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Om Shanti 🙂