yoga is the stage of needing nothing

In Uncategorized on April 4, 2012 at 3:18 pm

You know that feeling you get at the end of a yoga class as if you just drank a big glass of wine on an empty stomach?
you know that wonderful feeling of needing and wanting nothing more than just be on your mat just one more second in shavasana because life is just so much sweeter that way?

You also know that feeling of walking out the yoga room and being assaulted by phone calls, assignments, contracts, people talking…the world just wants to get back in touch with you, but you are all about avoiding contact. All you want to do is to shut them all up and walk home in silence where you can continue that same mantra.

Well, that feeling can and will stay with you forever if you choose to.
Yoga is the stage of needing nothing. So, once you do Yoga enough, you will realize that nothing more than that feeling is exactly what you need in life to move forward and achieve just about anything you put your mind forth.

Use Yoga as your measuring cup for what you think you need and what instead you are going to obtain if you have no expectations of what life will bring.
There is nothing more you will need than the fulfillment of pushing yourself toward the limit of a pose and getting there after hours of exercise. Kicking up into that forearm balance after many tries will serve you more than earning a big chunk of cash for a photography gig. Self-satisfaction goes beyond money and fame. Yoga teaches you just that and then fun side of it is that you can take if off your mat any time you want. And even play with it on a lonesome pear in the middle of Williamsburg in a cold night in December.

And the Yoga train keeps on going…

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