back on my feet and loving teaching yoga once again

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There has been a lot of change happening in my life in the past year. A lot good and bad change. Death in the family, parents separation, family trouble, but also a photo book and a SOLO photo exhibit that are reaching out to the world and bringing my work around for people to enjoy. Yet, if I look deeply in the corners of it all, I must say the good definitely outdid the bad. So in the end such change came to ameliorate me and I am thankful for it even if this meant I had left some of my yoga teaching and practice behind. I did not feel as grounded or as motivated to search for the answered that I was fearing while practicing. I was blocked and scared to look inward for fear of suffering even more. So I was not able to open for my students at the best of my abilities. I am so sorry for this, but sometimes as teachers we are vessels and the vessels can get stuck on a path that does not bring them anywhere. Such was mine for a few months. I was not as compelled to go inward, I wasn’t up to hurting to later heal. I wanted the dull and plain feeling of nothingness. The bliss of ignorance. It was empty and it was comfortable. But it was not, it is not sustainable for the heavy souls and the heavy minds.

So, the day has come for me to go back amongst all my fears and my insecurities and dig them out until I have dealt we them once again.
My life and my teachings as a yogi must include a constant path toward self-awareness and self-discovery. When this starts to fade, then we die inside and we can no longer teach. I thought this is what had happened to me, but thankfully, I am back here to serve. I am back here to share my knowledge and my personal experience for the bettering of others and the bettering of myself through this joint path of teacher and students.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

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