the child pose brings back the adult in us every. single. time.

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You know the feeling of your throat closing and your lungs not fully expanding?
Have you ever set at your desk, opened the computer and felt completely and utterly as if your mind was full of ideas a moment before and immediately just dried out all of a sudden? You stare at the screen incredulous and speechless, did not get anything done already yesterday, and the day before and the one before that one.

EPSON scanner image

You wake-up, make coffee, stumble upon your steps to get to this ridiculously grand desk, sit at it, and nothing comes out of you. But, other days, when you feel much more organized and your schedule is so busy you can barely breath, then those days sitting at this damn desk is easy, is a piece of cake: You sit, you type away, one letter at the time, words just fly off your fingers, your photo editing skills have improved enormously. You got it! You are in tuned with what you want, who you are and where your life is going. Somewhere forward, even though you do not know when and where, but you at least know it is now going at least and it is much better than being stuck.

But for how long can you live this way? How many more night can you deal spending waking-up panicking about money, motivation, direction, active entrepreneurship and not freelancing for free and sitting at a desk to just warm the chair and not bringing anything else back to the table?

What is going to happen if I do not break this mechanism?
What will break this mechanism for you as a freelancers?

For me the answer is always child pose. May seems like too easy of a fix, but it is all true and it has been this way for the past 11 years, never failed me once. Since my very first panic attack back in 2005, child pose has been my departure and arrival pose, my end and my beginning. I loth to do it every time, because the feeling of laying on the floor, head down on the mat, legs apart and hands forward, makes me very vulnerable and very open, but also very honest and very aware of what is it that is going on with me. I curl in it. I cry in it. I rejoice in it. every. single. time.

I know if I sit in that quiet space, dim light, with my forehead on the floor, my breathing will start again, my brain will get oxygenated and my thoughts will run slower. And then when I come out of the pose, magically, I know what to do, I know where to go and how to move in one direction or another.

Try it and you will see. Now, also try focusing on the smell and sound of the ocean while in the pose.

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