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compassion is the only way to self liberation.

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So, I have now resumed teaching regular classes every Friday and Saturday mornings at a rock climbing gym called Brooklyn Boulders here in the Gowanes neighborhood of Brooklyn.

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This routine is giving me both a new mental challenge to come-up with different and exciting classes weekly and also a very good basis or self-reflection before I enter into a space of teaching others.

I have been wanting to address the difficulty I have been having with my own learning of being compassionate as much as I was back in 2011 or 2012 during my 500-hrs Dharma Yoga teacher training, when meditation, veganism and daily practice changed me completely from the inside out as a much nicer and more understanding human being to the less patient and more judgmental one I am today. But, then I though of this: We go through phases in life and we change daily. We adjust to situations and we calm down or get aggravated for any number or reasons that can differ every give moment. How about we just become really ok with this? How about we embrace our craziness and go with it without always question it! Could we a nice change for a bit, not?

The pure self is the one that accept such changes of moods, attitude and behavior and adjusts to the fact that others likewise ourselves are not perfect and this is wonderfully ok. We are not always going to love everything of everyone we live with, are friend with, love or even married. It is about the way we compromise with the understanding that as much as we have limitations, they have them too and, as much as they consider us ok with such flaws, we shall do the same.

So, in the next few months until the Christmas holidays I will basing my teaching on compassion and acceptance and unconditional love of others no matter their flaws and their short coming and their infallible and annoying ways of pushing our buttons with their imperfections, because they are just a mirror of ours, just as annoying, shortcomings, we are just too incredibly selfish and infallibly full of ourselves to believe we are actually perfect ourselves!