My favorite chant:

“Jai Ganesha, Jai Ganesha, Jai Ganesha pahimam. Shri Ganesha shri ganesha shri Ganesha rakshamam.”

Photo courtesy of Pierfrancesco Celada

“Be Receptive to the Grace of God,” says my Guru Sri Dharma Mittra after every class he teaches. “Practice for Him and Him alone. He is you, you are Him.”
I have dwelled with self-acceptance and consequently with stress issues since I moved to the United States from Italy, my home country when I was 17. Practicing Yoga and living the most Yogic-like life I could taught me how to take care of myself even in a foreign country where nobody spoke my language.
In this Blog you will find everything I know and I have learned about Yoga because I decided it’s time to share some love!
The many faces of Yoga (not only the one of stress-reliever, but also the methodical, honest and humble way of respecting one another) have given me the strength to face just about anything from my first panic attack, to death in the family, to my constant feeling of having to belong to a country I initially felt very distant to me. Yoga practice also helps me with the simplest day-to-day work routine in a chaotic metropolis such as New York City. And now, maybe that same Yoga discipline could help you too!
In this retreat series I will offer daily Dharma Mittra, Power Vinyasa and Acrobatic Yoga classes as well as meditation and Dharma teachings from 3 wonderful locations in the heart of Italy *(Porto Santo Stefano, Castel Di Lama and Monaciano). For the ones who are interested there will also be daily biking and hiking trips in the Tuscan and Marche countryside as well as visits to the closest wine dispensary and Medieval towns around and trips to the nearest beach. During our downtime the workshop will also offer scheduled deep tissue and Thai massages for just a small extra cost depending on the duration.
The workshop series will be a community-based one where we will practice, sleep, eat and live together as well as helping one another likewise a true Indian Yogic Ashram.

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