Federica strike "The King of Dancers" pose on the terrace of the Brunisola Retreat in Santo Stefano, Tuscany

Caterina takes "Vrkshasana" to another level also in the Santo Stefano Retreat house

1) The Tenuta Di Monaciano Retreat will be the first one of the series and will start on July 30- August 5 *(limited to 10 people)–http://travelyogaitaly.com

2) The second will be the Brunisola Yoga Retreat from August 13-19*(open to max 13 students)–http://www.monaciano.com/

What type of Yoga to expect?
The type of Yoga I teach is Power Vinyasa deeply infused with the Dharma Mittra *(a Shiva lineage) and a hint of Acrobatics.

The levels of the Yoga classes will vary depending on the students’ necessities and wants. I personally like to challenge my students to the best of their abilities, which is something unknown to them all. So you will find my classes to be quite spicy, but, also extremely relaxing and insightful toward the end. The classes won’t, though, miss some meditation, pranyama and deep Dharma Yoga teachings *(reflections on life, its meaning and the importance of keep practicing and sharing this practice as much as we can with other Yogis) after Shavasana.

In all of the retreat series we will be practicing outside *(weather permitting) because I believe in the healing and nurturing powers of nature, as well as the Ayurvedic aids of smelling lavender, cumin, mint and basil while twisting and turning into Yoga poses. Although, Yoga rooms will also be available for night classes or self-meditation etc…

Daily practice schedule:

The morning classes will start with a 7:00 am meditation series and breathing exercise. The Yoga asana class will begin at 8 am and it will be a 90 minutes long Level 1/2 Yoga class. Breakfast will follow (I highly suggest you come to practice always on an empty stomach). The night class will start at 7pm and will also be of 90 minutes excluded the 30 minutes of final meditation so count to be done by 9pm. Dinner and night activities will follow.

In between the morning and evening Yoga, each retreat *(depending on location) will offer organized daily trips to the nearest city or biking and hiking adventures on the nearest mountain trails. An other option to spend your free time is daily beach excursions available in two of the three workshop locations, if not swimming pools access will be provided instead.

1) If you decide to go to the Monaciano Yoga Retreat, we will probably be going to see Siena, San Giminiano and the Crete Senesi the surrounding wine hill towns. Monaciano guests could also rent bikes and go for a daily biking adventure on the same biking trails of the Eroica vintage biking race, winding roads in the middle of the Chianti hills (with wine pit stops all over). This workshop, being in the Tuscan entroterra  will not provide beach access.

2) If you opt for the Brunisola Yoga Retreat in the Tuscan promontory of Monta Argentario instead, you will have a private beach access to Cala Grande Tenuta Osio, a beautiful 10 acres olive oil and wine-producing agriturismo just 15 minute walk from the workshop location. Also there will be access to hiking and biking trails right off the house, or else we will commute with a small van to Manciano, Scanasano, Scondigliano, Montiano *(some of these are or have been actually stages for the Giro D`Italia biking race) and other villages in the nearest vicinity. As far as daily trips within the Brunisola retreat we will be going to visit Porto Santo Stefano, Orbetello (and their relative weekly markets), Grosseto and if the majority is interested we could take a longer daily adventure to Florence *( about 3 hours).

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